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The Penthouse Club New Orleans - Just off Bourbon Street

Make your next visit to the Penthouse Club all the more extraordinary with our exclusive tableside Bottle Service. Just select your favorite bottle from our extensive list, and we’ll provide ice, mixers and the attentive table service you only get from the beautiful girls of the Penthouse Club.

The Penthouse Club New Orleans - Just off Bourbon Street

Maybe you’re just getting home from a night touring the various Bourbon Street strip clubs. If you stopped by The Penthouse Club, make sure to let us know what you thought. If you missed us, this is your reminder.

The Penthouse Club has been named the “Top Gentlemen’s Club in New Orleans” for the last three years, and if you’ve walked past the numerous Bourbon Street strip clubs, you know that distinction means something. We maintain our reputation by keeping a stocked bar, beautiful women, and long hours.

If you’ve enjoyed a night with us, take a moment to let us know so we can keep on satisfying!